A.D. 2021 February


Monday, February 1

  • The Monday After Septuagesima Sunday
  • Eve of the Purification of Saint Mary

Tuesday, February 2

  • The Purification of Saint Mary the Virgin (Candlemas)
  • The Tueday After Septuagesima Sunday

Wednesday, February 3

  • The Wednesday After Septuagesima Sunday
  • Blasius, an Armenian Bishop and Martyr

Thursday, February 4

  • The Thursday After Septuagesima Sunday

Friday, February 5

  • The Friday After Septuagesima Sunday
  • Agatha, a Sicilian Virgin and Martyr

Saturday, February 6

  • The Saturday After Septuagesima Sunday

Sunday, February 7

  • The Second Sunday before Lent (Sexagesima Sunday)

Monday, February 8

  • The Monday After Sexagesima Sunday

Tuesday, February 9

  • The Tueday After Sexagesima Sunday

Wednesday, February 10

  • The Wednesday After Sexagesima Sunday

Thursday, February 11

  • The Thursday After Sexagesima Sunday

Friday, February 12

  • The Friday After Sexagesima Sunday

Saturday, February 13

  • The Saturday After Sexagesima Sunday

Sunday, February 14

  • The Next Sunday before Lent (Quinquagesima Sunday)
  • Valentine, Bishop and Martyr

Monday, February 15

  • The Monday After Quinquagesima Sunday

Tuesday, February 16

  • Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras)

Wednesday, February 17

  • Ash Wednesday

Thursday, February 18

  • The Thursday After Ash Wednesday

Friday, February 19

  • The Friday After Ash Wednesday

Saturday, February 20

  • The Saturday After Ash Wednesday

Sunday, February 21

  • The First Sunday in Lent (Quadragesima Sunday)

Monday, February 22

  • The Monday in the First Week of Lent

Tuesday, February 23

  • The Tuesday in the First Week of Lent
  • Eve of Saint Matthias

Wednesday, February 24

  • Matthias the Apostle
  • The Wednesday in the First Week of Lent
  • Ember Day

Thursday, February 25

  • The Thursday in the First Week of Lent

Friday, February 26

  • The Friday in the First Week of Lent
  • Ember Day

Saturday, February 27

  • The Saturday in the First Week of Lent
  • Ember Day

Sunday, February 28

  • The Second Sunday in Lent